Throughout the year we strive to provide learning experiences for children across all areas of learning. The curriculum for the Foundation Stage (which starts at birth and ends at the end of Reception) includes seven areas. The areas that are underlined are the ‘prime’ areas. These are important foundations for further learning- children need to be confident in these areas before the focus shifts to the other areas of learning. 

  • Personal Social and Emotional Development: Key milestones in this area include being confident, making friends, being able to share and negotiate with other children.
  • Communication and Language: This includes understanding home languages and English, being able to listen and pay attention and also being confident to talk in home languages and English.
  • Physical Development: This includes being able to climb, balance, kick a ball, hold a paint brush and use tools like scissors.
  • Literacy: This includes enjoying looking at books and stories and being able to talk about the pictures and the story using some of the book language. It also includes becoming a confident mark maker. Before children learn to write they need to be confident making marks. Please encourage any mark making, not just writing.
  • Mathematical Development: Mathematical development includes being able to count objects as well as learning about shape and space.
  • Understanding the World: This area includes developing an awareness of the world around them as well as the natural world. Technology also falls under this area and through the course of the year children will have opportunities to use technology like cameras and CD players.
  • Expressive Arts and Design: Expressive Arts and Design encourages imagination and creativity. Learning to pretend is a very important foundation for other learning.
  • You can see the details of the curriculum document online at Birthto5Matters.

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