Our Principles

We believe that children learn best when:

  • They learn through play.
  • They can learn through real experiences.
  • There are connections between different aspects of their learning.
  • They are given time for sustained engagement.

We believe that children learn through outdoor play, which complements and enhances their indoor learning. For this reason, children are able to choose between playing inside and outside for most of the Nursery session.

Through outdoor play we aim to:

  • Promote good quality, challenging, safe and accessible play for all children.
  • Provide well-planned engaging activities outside, similar but different to indoors.
  • Provide an environment to extend and improve children’s learning and well-being regardless of the weather.
  • Make the most of an environment over which we have little control.
  • Expand children’s horizons of what learning can be experienced outside.
  • Fulfil the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage outdoors as well as indoors.