Focus Children

Staff observe children’s learning and development throughout the term, however once a term your child should be a ‘focus child’. When your child is a focus child the following takes place:

  • We ask you to take a camera home so that your child can take photographs of the things that are important to him/her. Children might like to take photographs of their toys, their family or any events that they take part in. When you return the camera the photographs will be printed and discussed with your child. Children often have a lot to say about their own photographs!
  • If you would prefer not to take a Nursery camera you are welcome to take photographs using your own devices e.g. iPad or camera. If you do choose to use your own device, then please send the photos via email to and these will then be passed on to your child’s key worker.
  • Adults observe your child extra closely to monitor their interests, their learning, development and progress.
  • All of the staff discuss your child and think about targets that will further support their learning.
  • Your child’s keyworker will ask to meet with you to talk about your child’s progress.