Remote Learning

We are currently open for all children however we recognise that some clinically vulnerable children will need to shield and at some point other children may need to self-isolate for 10 days.

If we know your child is self-isolating or shielding we will send out a link to a YouTube video each weekday morning. These videos have been created by Nursery staff and include songs, stories and other activities. Remember children learn through repetition so your child might like to watch the video more than once.

Each week we will send out a recipe card so that you can bake with your child at home. Lots of cross curricula learning that takes place through baking. This learning includes:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development. (Children learn independence skills and self-confidence through baking.)
  • Communication and Language. (Your child will need to listen to you and pay attention in order to follow the recipe.)
  • Physical Development. (Children will develop fine motor skills by mixing, measuring and manipulating the ingredients.)
  • Literacy. (Reading the recipe card together will help your child develop literacy skills.)
  • Mathematics. (Counting out, weighing or measuring the ingredients will develop an understanding of Mathematical concepts.)
  • Understanding the World. (Children will learn that ingredients change when they are mixed or baked, for example a cake mixture solidifies when baked.)
  • Expressive Arts and Design. (Children love to mould and decorate their baking.)

We will phone you every week or two to find out how your child is doing and to see if you need any support from Nursery Staff.

Remote Learning Policy