Attendance at Lea Nursery School

Please don’t underestimate the importance of regular attendance at Nursery. We want all children to grow up to be well-qualified, well-paid and successful. 

Regular attendance at school is associated with higher achievement. In other words, children who attend regularly tend to do better at school.

Think about it, if a child misses a day of Nursery every week they have missed 20% of their learning time that week. It means over the course of a year they miss 38 days which is 7 ½ weeks! This is a lot of learning time lost. Missed opportunities to learn lead to a drop in achievement. The better a child achieves the more they are likely to earn higher wages. 

Ask yourself- what do I want for my child? 

Of course we understand that sometimes children are unwell, but if your child is well please bring him/her to Nursery and avoid booking holidays during the term time. This is not Nursery being ‘mean’, this is us trying to ensure that your child achieves to his or her full potential.