Assessment Arrangements

On-going assessment is an integral part of the learning and development process. We observe individual children while they are accessing all seven areas of learning. Detailed observations of children’s involvement and progress in activities leads to staff planning for next steps in their learning. Evidence of learning is collated through written observations, photographs, samples of work and the child's own language in their record of achievement folders. You are welcome to look at your child's record of achievement folder any time you would like to.

We share children’s progress with their parents/carers informally through daily liaison and formally through parents’ meetings held in throughout the term when children are the focus child for the week.

In order to track children’s progress, we use the statements from the document 'Birth to 5 Matters'. This document is split into areas of learning with ranges showing how children should develop at different ages and stages. Please note that all children are different, and all children develop at a different pace. Nursery staff are skilled at supporting children at different stages of development.

The staff in the two year old room will complete a 2-year check for children who are moving from Kangaroos to the Nursery class. This will be shared with parents as part of the transition process. At the end of the academic year, we share information about attainment, progress and next steps with parents as well as reception class teachers to ensure continuity and the best possible progress for all children.